James Call’s Wide and Wonderful World of Music features music of a different genre or subject matter each week. Regional Punk Rock, Garage Bands, roots of Jazz, World Music, songs about cats… well, you get the idea. Something new every week. You are liable to be exposed to things you’ve never heard before. It might be stuff you wouldn’t want on your personal playlist, but that might be worthy a listen… if only just this once. Dive into the difference Fridays at 6pm to 8pm and Monday at 1pm to 3pm.

Tannia Godinez is a Communications major and her dream career is to be an on air talent! Tannia loves music, makeup and dancing! Tannia’s on air name is “Ya Girl T” and her show “Newsy and Boujee” is on every Thursday from 6-8pm! She plays Hip Hop and R&B Throwbacks and covers topics that everyone can relate to or be inspired by! Tune into her show, join the conversation and don’t forget to bring your ‘Boujee’ attitude!

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Instagram: Tanieeezy

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YouTube: Tanieeezybaby

Come listen to Feel Good Fridays hosted by Christie Levine, Friday from 3 – 5. This show brings you feel good music that’ll make you want to sing along in the car on the way home from school or work. This’ll make your rush hour traffic a little more bearable. So come take a listen during Feel Good Fridays.

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Instagram: Christielevine

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11am-1pm ~ Michelle Botello

1pm-3pm ~ James Call

3pm-5pm ~ Vallie Etienne

5pm-7pm ~ Salvador Vasquez & Adan Perez

8pm-10pm ~ Ron Calvin



11am-1pm ~ Cary Nocco

1pm-3pm ~ Adrianna Ferrell

3pm-5pm ~ James Smith

5pm-7pm ~ Sarah Bekele

7pm-9pm ~ Allie Hutchinson

9pm-11pm ~ Darren Hall



12pm-2pm ~ Isai Figueroa

2pm-3pm ~ Kitty Harris

3pm-5pm ~ Thomas Wiseman



1pm-3pm ~ Javi Moreno

3pm-5pm ~ Aaran Salinas

6pm-8pm ~ Tannia Godinez

8pm-10pm ~ Jose Echeagaray



9am-11am ~ Sterwart Payne

11am-1pm ~ Louis Abrams

1pm-3pm ~ James Smith & Kitty Harris

3pm-5pm ~ Christie Levine

5pm-6pm ~ Celia Jimenez

6pm-8pm ~ James Call

8pm-10pm ~ Darren Hall