Our Very Talented Student DJs

The Many. The Proud. Student Delivered Sound!
James Call
Monday 1-3PM, Thursday 7-10PM
“The Wonderful World of Music”
One of SDS Radio’s long withstanding DJs who plays an eclectic variety of music from various outlets, time periods, TV & films such as *Twin Peaks* and John Waters
Michelle Botello
Monday 3-5PM, Wednesday 1-2PM
Michelle has been on SDSRadio for a-many-a-semester-
” I like all genres but my fave is rock/metal/thrash.  I love radio, people, and broadcasting.  I will graduate Spring 2020 from City College and presently write for a photoblog as a journalist.  I love getting support and my aim is to bring fun and enjoyment.  My shows vary from music to interviews to guest hosts.  Tune in and experience this journey with me! “
Thomas Wiseman
Wednesday 3-5PM
“Words with the Wise”
Join our Promotion’s Director- Thomas Wiseman, his sultry voice, manic excitement, and indulge in the wonderful world of cinema through the magic of soundtracks & scores with lots of 60s counter-culture, 70s bangers, 80s hair metal, 90s grunge and contemporary rock to spice up the action.
Isaac Limon
Thursday 4-6PM
“The Story Behind The Lyrics”
‘The show for understanding what is the message the artist is trying to send to the audience. I try to play music that sometimes feels relevant to the time and others how the day feels. I personally made it this way because a lot of station play top 40s or one specific genre, and I try to be open as much as possible.’
Joe Martin
Monday 5-7 PM, Wednesday 11AM-1PM
Joe is our assistant program director and plays “The Darkest Hour” on Mondays as well as rock & techno. He loves guns, coffee, video games, and kicking it with his friends.
Javi Moreno
Thursday 2-4PM
“Unicorn Radio”
Javi plays acoustics, covers, instrumentals, new releases and will indulge your craving for pop-culture on his 2 hour extravaganza.
Alex Catano
Friday 11AM-1PM
Alex is one of SDS Radio’s newest DJs— join him to hear discussions on movies-past & present- box office results, and he will further feed your love of films with relevant soundtracks and scores for your pleasure.
Johnny Adair
Monday 12-1PM, Tuesday 4-5PM
‘Show on Sports”
” I like sports and video games.
My Show will talk about MLB, NFL, NBA, & English Premier league soccer.”
Wednesdays 10-11AM
“Today’s Topic”
AJanae is one of SDS’ newest DJs so check out her burgeoning show on SDSRadio!